Paceline Podcast #92

Paceline Podcast #92

Now that it’s the off season the boys are dreaming of bike purchases. Fatty wants a full-suspension cross-country bike for when he does Breck Epic next year. Hottie finally purchased a gravel-oriented frameset and even Patrick admits that he’s considering trimming one from his arsenal to add something else.

This week’s Very Important Question ask, “How off is your off-season?”

A. ‘Cross season baby!: 7%
B. I’m riding half as much: 12%
C. I’m all about the base: 28%
D. So off. So totally off: 53%

Our man Patrick got to go for a ride with Peter Sagan. It was a ride put on by Bike Monkey to raise funds for victims of the Sonoma County fires that swept through the area in October.

Hottie will explain why we have included a picture of his 4Runner. We know, he’s a little obscure with his Paceline picks.

In the big news of the week, Niner files Chapter 11 as they prepare for a sale.



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