Paceline Podcast #91

Paceline Podcast #91

Thanksgiving is here and with it the need to preemptively burn calories. Of course, before they get to that, Fatty has a wound to clean. Hottie is back on the bike and Patrick wonders if his number is up next.

Do you have a bucket list? A buddy of Hottie’s and Patrick’s decided to ride 50 Miles in 50 States. Hottie interviews Major Bob Frank about his experience and how what his favorite (and least favorite rides were). Major Bob says 50 in 50 isn’t hard; anyone can do it. The boys also discuss their own personal bucket lists of rides.

For the Very Important Question we as: Do you have a bucket list?

A: I have a bucket list, but it’s not planned: 38%
B: I have a bucket list planned: 24%
C: Nope. No bucket list: 26%
D: What’s a bucket (list): 12%



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  1. Dizzy

    Regarding Tetanus Shots:
    The easiest way to keep up on your tetanus shots are to get a booster shot on your birthday every decade in the year of the last digit of your birth year, e.g., if you were born in 1960, you’d get a shot on your birthday in 1970, 1980, 1990, etc., etc. It’s then easy to remember when you had your last one. Also, most practitioners would not deter you from an additional booster if you’ve received a deep puncture wound.
    I wish I could claim this as my original idea but credit to an ICU RN I met years ago.

  2. Miles Archer

    No bucket list.

    I do have some things I’d like to do someday, but I don’t really have a list. Example, I want to play the organ at the Castro Theater before a show – in particular the final number

  3. KHG

    Re: Bucket list–I’m signed up for my 5th Dolomites trip with Hampsten’s tour company–i highly recommend them!

    Re: Pinarello–I think Anne-Marie Rook made a great point in the article she wrote for Cycling Tips. One of the things that is so offensive about that ad is not that there aren’t women who would be interested, but rather that this seemed to be pretty much the extent of their representation of/marketing to women. It’s like the folks at Pinarello said “wow, now that we have an electric bike, we can try selling bikes to women!”

    (And also, it sounds like the woman in the ad’s problem is not her bike, but her boyfriend…)

    1. cycloscott

      Ha! I climbed that one but descended on trails on the other side of the road. It was the next section (mile 7 on your track) that I would have gone back and ridden again.

  4. jeffs

    Have done a Chinghiale tour. The easiest one not the Dolomites. Rode it with my wife on our Calfee tandem. I hate to say it, but for the Dolomites she might want the Pinarello. But she would smoke me then… One of the big climb tours is still on the bucket list.

    Anyway, Andy’s (and Elaine’s) tours are recommended. They are a small operation compared to many others (a positive). They have a few things going, but I really respect how they run a handful of tours per year and make a living with it. Yes, the washing machine broke. I had to ask to wake Andy fricking Hampsten up from his nap. But he did it with a smile. My clothes were clean enough.

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