Paceline Podcast #90

Paceline Podcast #90

Running. On a cycling podcast. What is the world coming to? Well, it is that time of year, thanks to cyclocross and, in some places, inclement weather. Hottie and Fatty admit they’ve turned to the dark side, at least some. Patrick? Off mic he said he’d rather get dental work.

For the Very Important Question® this week, Fatty asked, “How many times have you broken a helmet?”

A: Never 45%
B: 1-2 47%
C: 3-5 7%
D: I’ve lost count 1%

The reason for this particular question is that Fatty went off to Moab for his annual boys weekend away and … you can probably guess the rest.

Hottie interviews Bob Forster of Forster Physical Therapy and Phase IV Health and Performance, and is building yet another bike.

Patrick gives an update on recovery efforts in Sonoma County and how his garage has turned into a Goodwill of sorts for cycling gear.



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  1. Jim

    Running, for a cyclist, is a superpower which takes great effort to acquire and maintain but it’s well worth it. It comes in handy for the times when you can’t cycle, as variety in the off season, and to help offset the damage cycling does to our bone density. I’m so glad I took up running in my mid 30s. You do have to suppress the urge to get into ultrarunning though.
    Thanks for the Paceline. I enjoy listening.

  2. Brian Bartels

    You should definitely come out for next year’s Iceman Cometh Challenge. It is short enough that it can be ridden by anyone (and almost is ridden by everyone in Michigan.) It is not technically challenging, but you can go as hard as you want to make it physically tough. No where near Leadville, but the finish line celebration is a scene to be sure.

  3. Shannon Day

    Thanks RKP and Michael for telling the RMFD story. Huge impact for all cyclists everywhere – our job to make a difference now.

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