Paceline Podcast #89

Paceline Podcast #89

We discuss Halloween and costumes, and how cycling clothing is a costume of its own. Friends of Fatty’s (FoF) used some bike tubes to make a killer Thor costume. Fatty dressed up as Superman (or something like him) and they want for a ride called Helloween. His friend who dressed up as a baby had an interesting experience wearing an adult diaper.

For our Very Important Question we asked, When was the last time you had a bad crash?

Less than a month ago 0%
Sometime this season 12%
It’s been years 40%
Stop jinxing me man, I don’t even like to talk about crashes 47%

Hottie is, however, not as crash-free. He’s working his keyboard with the aid of a sling. He’s banged up following a crash on a group ride.

New York is cracking down on ebikes. There, ebikes are illegal and the police are not only ticketing ebike owners, they are actually confiscating them.

Patrick interviewed Jeremiah Kahmoson, the executive director of the B-Rad Foundation, a 501(c)3 that is a beneficiary of funds raised by the King Ridge Foundation, the charity arm of Levi’s GranFondo. Jeremiah lost his home in the fires in Santa Rosa, but rather than focus on his loss, he chose to begin helping kids replace the bikes they lost in the fires.



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How to request a bike for a child who lost theirs in the fires.

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