Paceline Podcast #88

Paceline Podcast #88

We open with discussion of the Santa Rosa fires and how they are affecting the local cycling community. Our man on the scene reports he is back home after a week in West County, and nearly everything he placed with other friends is back home as well. The family—both humans and kitties—seem no worse for wear, though there was a fridge-worth of food that needed tossing. With roughly 2900 homes lost to the fire there are many cyclists who have lost more than a bike or two; they’ve lost a place to sleep. We discuss the efforts being made locally to help get people back out on bikes so they can keep their sanity. Or maybe just get it back.

Fatty is back from 10 days in Hawaii. He didn’t take a bike. We try to find out why. He also spent a day watching the Ironman and came away wondering who is doing fit for all those age-group triathletes.

In this week’s Very Important Question we asked, “When was the last time you rode a truly awful bike?”

  • Every day 8%
  • Less than a month ago 9%
  • Less than a year ago 15%
  • I forgot bad bikes exist 68%

There’s a fair amount of charity activity going here in Sonoma County to aid victims of the fire. The King Ridge Foundation (parent of Levi’s GranFondo) has partnered with a whopping 33 different breweries (nearly all of which are located in Sonoma County) to produce beers with the Sonoma Pride label. Beers carrying that label will see 100% of those sales go to the King Ridge Foundation to be distributed to fire victims.

Frame builder Jeremy Sycip of Sycip Designs has announced that 10% of his sales through the end of the year will be donated to fire victims as well.



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  1. Brant Arthur

    The love is real, but also the stress from nonstop crisis-mode. I wasn’t surprised by the number of bikes on cars as people evacuated and am glad to have mine back in the garage. Riding this weekend!

  2. DonB

    Mehh… I’d still take my phone because I’d potentially want it for maps or other apps, but at the very least for taking pictures.

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