Interbike 2017, Part Last

Interbike 2017, Part Last

Honestly, I’d like to get on with my more typical editorial functions, which may or may not include writing about the gorgeous red, green and yellow leaves hanging from the maple outside my office window. It probably would. I’m pretty infatuated with fall right now.

However, there were some items I saw at Interbike that I can’t not write about. Stuff that was just too cool to pass up. The image above is of a new trainer from Minoura. Once the top of the heap in trainers, they’ve been eclipsed in recent years by Wahoo, Tacx and a few others. Minoura showed off the new Kagura Smart Trainer. This $599 trainer offers up to 2000 watts of electronic resistance, or it can be used without the electronic resistance as a traditional magnetic trainer with resistance settings of 100, 200 or 300 watts. The interesting thing here is that you can use the Kagura as a smart trainer with an app like Zwift, or you can take it with you to a race and use it to warm up; I’ve not run across another unit that can be used in the same way.

The trainer folds up nice and flat, unlike so many trainers. This will definitely fit under the bed or in a closet when your workout is finished. The resistance unit from the Kagura can be purchased separately for $499 and retrofitted to existing Minoura trainer frames.

One of the knocks some folks have had against Park has been that they haven’t offered a Philips-head screwdriver for derailleur adjustment that actually fit the screws used by Shimano and Campagnolo. The new DSD-2 features a #2 tip to fit any derailleur set screw or B screw you encounter.

I’m encountering more and more trail systems and piece of public cycling infrastructure that offer public repair areas. Park has introduced a new work station that gives you a place to hang your bike while you work. It can be mounted to walls or posts, and tools hang …

from cables that drop from stand. It’s a very complete selection, all things considered. I’m sure the cables can be cut by some enterprising asshat, but there’s no fixing antisocial. In a good community, this will work well.

A Park corkscrew. Finally an affordable (wink, wink) corkscrew offered by a bike industry company. I could see leaving one of these with my camping gear. Or maybe in my hydration pack. Ya never know, do you?

Lezyne showed off a number of cool new products, but this modular light system that features additional batteries caught my eye because Dirty Kanza and night rides in Occidental.

There will forever be a weirdness factor to Interbike, and I hope that for as long as Interbike survives, the weirdness factor lives on. I love seeing things that are clearly answers to questions no normal person ever asked. As a not normal person, myself, I fully support this endeavor, but as a denizen of the questions no one asked Venn diagram, I think I’m allowed to laugh a little.

I mean, take this. It looks like an industrial designer watched the Honda Elite scooter commercial with Lou Reed, dropped a couple of tabs of blotter and then got out their sketchbook. I mean, just look at it. I’d have to take yoga just to be able to fit on it.

Sign o’ the times: This was just outside the convention hall; a few years ago there were pay phones where all those plugs are now. In addition to that grounded A/C outlet, there are two USB jacks, so you can charge your iPhone and your iPad all at the same time.

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  1. TomInAlbany

    I’ve installed a couple of those outlets with two USB ports into my outlet boxes at home. Better than having to find the right charging block.

  2. Winky

    Speaking of weird electric exercise avoidance vehicles, yesterday, I saw one like I’ve not seen before. It was like a cross between a mobility scooter, a regular scooter, a segway and a tricycle. A triangular flat, thick base, that presumably housed the batteries, and a seat on a post so the rider was quite upright, almost standing. Handlebars also on a post to bring them up to the right level. And it was fast. The guy was whipping through the downtown traffic on it. I saw him blow a stop sign without even backing off.

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