A Request

A Request

Calling on people for charity is an act that makes me intensely uncomfortable. It’s hard to explain, but asking for assistance is nearly impossible for me to do on a personal basis, and still difficult to accomplish on behalf of friends.

Years ago my father attempted to teach me that sometimes we have to do things we find distasteful. The lesson didn’t take then, but I’ve gradually made an uneasy peace with it.

And so an occasion has come in which I want to ask for your help. I’ve lost track of the number of cyclists in my community who are completely without the ability to ride. I shiver when I think about how friends of mine had only enough time to head to cars, do a head count and leave. Hell, I thought I was scared.

Even with last night’s rain, western Santa Rosa still smells like a campfire. Riding outdoors here isn’t yet a fabulous idea. And then there’s the fact that we’re not allowed to ride in our beloved Annadel.

I’ve been in contact with folks at Wahoo and Zwift. Four Kickr trainers are on the way to set up a Kickr Studio so folks can train with and race against each other. Zwift will provide accounts to those affected by the fires, gratis.

I’m working on loaner bikes for all those who have nothing to put on the Kickrs. But we still have needs.

We will need four computers with relatively up-to-date processors to handle Zwift. And people need cycling clothing.

The good people at Kali Protectives have stepped up with helmets for people who lost everything.

We need shoes, kits and more.

I hate asking for help, but it’s easier to ask on behalf of others. They need your help. If you’re interested in lending a hand, just put +1 in the comments and I will be in touch through the email address you used to register as a commenter.


UPDATE: Should anyone wish to make a financial contribution you can do so through the Redwood Credit Union; they are marshalling more donations in this relief effort than any other organization I’ve seen and 100% of your donation goes to fire victims. If you’d like to make sure it goes through a charity so you get the write-off, I recommend the King Ridge Foundation.


Image: Neil Bregman


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  1. Matt Leonard

    +1, older pair of MTB Sidis, size 44.5(?). I can probably dig up a few older team kits that were likely barely used.

  2. Michael Fox

    +1, Patrick. I’m sure I have extra kit, email me. I can only imagine what it has been like out there. We had issues here in Florida with hurricanes, but fire, damn. So glad that you and your family are alright. I will help any way I can. Thanks for putting this together.

  3. Adam Richman

    +1 I have a half dozen pairs of Lake shoes in very good to new condition, three mtb, three road, mostly 42.5 or 43

  4. Seano

    Patrick – we’re in: kits & shoes for men & women + putting the call out through local shop and team to see what we can round up

  5. TomInAlbany

    +1 – I’m going to look around to see what is worth sharing. (I’m that guy that wears stuff out but, hey! Ya never know!

  6. MG

    +1 – I’ve got lots of men’s jerseys (sizes M & L) and shorts (size M) I can spare, and likely some shoes too. LMK where you’d like me to send what I’ve got. Thank you!!

  7. Author

    Hi All, thanks for the incredible outpouring of support. We’ve received a number of shipments already. I’m just writing to say that I was away last weekend and am in need of sending a number of you emails with our shipping address. I’ll be following up ASAP.

  8. Aar

    +1 bits of kit

    It’ll be in the XXL and XL size range because they’re now too big for me. I’m sure California has Clydesdales too.

  9. Hautacam

    +1; I have a few M/L jerseys, a drawer’s worth of lightly-used CX and MTB tires, and some other new or near-new cycling bits and bobs.

  10. Andrew Law

    Hi Patrick.

    I have a few gently used items to donate, if you’re still arranging it. Nothing fancy or matchy. But good stuff. LMK?

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  12. Al Cassel

    Can you still use clothing, etc? I have a good number of good used jerseys, bib shorts, socks, a couple pair of Sidi road shores and various arm warmers, etc. Where do I send this stuff? I can pack it up and have it out tomorrow if desired.

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