Paceline Podcast #84

Paceline Podcast #84

In our first VIQ (Very Important Question) we asked you, our audience, which foot you place forward when descending. We assumed most riders would indicate they put their left foot forward. We got an amazing 516 responses, so a pretty solid sample. As it happens Fatty, Hottie and Patrick all ride with their left foot forward.

Left: 38%
Right: 36%
Alternate: 10%
Don’t Know: 16%

This week’s VIQ: You’re a half hour from home, getting ready for a ride and realize you have forgotten your helmet. What do you do?

Ride helmetless
Go back for your helmet
Forget the whole thing and skip the ride
Buy a new helmet

Interbike is looming. Of our three hosts only the nerdiest among them is headed to the show for its last visit to Las Vegas. It’s his 26th Interbike and he says the show is shrinking, in part due to a broken business model.

In the not-too-distant future will be Fatty’s annual 100 Miles of Nowhere. This year the event will benefit the Davis Phinney Foundation to benefit people with Parkinson’s Disease. We hope you’ll join us with your own crazy and inspiring ideas for your 100 Miles of Nowhere.

Hottie waxes poetic about a blender. Yeah, we know. Here’s his recipe for his Green Smoothie:
one handful broccoli
one chopped carrot
two handfuls spinach
three glugs almond milk
one frozen banana or half an avocado
two tbsp chia/flax seed or almond butter
one squirt of agave or honey
tsp matcha green tea powder
pinch of salt
one cup of ice
blend until smooth but still thick



The Paceline is also supported by Eliel Cycling. Crafted in California, the Eliel brand combines the latest technology with cycling tradition to deliver an experience that is authentically California. View their retail gear and custom program at



Show links:

Interbike Mechanic’s Challenge

Vitamix Pro Series 300 Blender

Santa Cruz makes donations in response to the Oregon Bike Tax

Marci Kimball’s GoFundMe Page


Image: Jorge Flores, JustPedal

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  1. Jim McGowan

    I always wear a helmet when riding, but if I forgot it I’d ride without a helmet, while being a bit more cautious. In 20 years of riding, the helmet has saved my head once, so the odds of a problem are very, very low.

  2. Brian

    Go back for your helmet

    The one time i rode without a helmet, i was woken by a paramedic. And then spent 3 months of work and the bike with the first month unable to do much of anything. My work requested that i always wore a helmet after that since they didn’t want me out sick that long again.

  3. Mike

    Sorry guys, but I’m not joining twitter to do the polls. Maybe you can embed on the website or use Google Forms?

    I’d go back for my helmet. Or skip the ride if time was tight.

  4. AG

    Mountain bike ride: I would take it as a fortunate treat and ride sans helmet (although maybe the downhills would be a bit slower). Road bike ride: abort, turn back and go for the mtb ride I should have done anyway. Curious how much faith we put into a foam hat.

  5. Jeremiah Edson

    Last year, I would have said ride without, but this summer, I’ve crashed on both my mountain and road bikes, and had to replace my helmet afterwards. I would scrap the ride … but I’m paranoid about forgetting something, so I always triple check.

  6. John Knowlton

    This happened to me 2 weeks ago! Arrgh. As it was a MTB ride, I opted to do the ride without the brain bucket. I took it easy on the descents and enjoyed the feel of wind in my hair. If a road ride, I would have chosen one of the other options. I was with my 14 year old son, so not the best parent modeling.

  7. Kevin Collings

    I was one of the people bugging you on Twitter about 100 Miles of Nowhere 😀. I’m going to make an event out of it again get as many people as I can to ride a ~1 mile loop that climbs what used to be a soap box derby hill in Planeview Park in south Wichita, KS.

  8. Quentin

    On the helmet question: I wouldn’t ride without a helmet (especially after crashing one this summer). I would consider skipping the ride or buying a helmet, depending on the cost and availability of a helmet nearby and the importance of the ride to me. An hour of driving to retrieve a helmet is going to incur fuel costs that should be taken into account when considering the cost of the alternatives.

  9. Brendan T. Burke

    Definitely either buy (which is always a good excuse for an upgrade…) or drive back, but no, no way would I ride without a helmet. I love the idea and thrill of the concept of riding with the wind through my hair as I would have back in the carefree 80’s as a teenager. Way too much at risk nowadays.

  10. Fausto

    About once a year I have that scenario and ride without the helmet. Love it, grew up when hairnets were for an hour or two on weekend mornings. Ten’s of thousands of miles without. With a wife and kid I am more responsible and wear it, but hate it even after all these years. Group rides dictate helmet which I believe they should. Nothing better than riding with no helmet, at night in the dark; never felt so free.

  11. Geoffrey Knobl

    Helmet – forget the ride. Having nearly killed myself WITH a helmet, I won’t ride or let my sons ride without one.

    Foot – generally right unless on a curve, the, the outside is down and slightly forward.

  12. Matthew

    MOUNTAIN: I would ride cautiously. I have forgot one time when riding with a buddy and he was in front. he slowed me down through a sketchy section since I did not have my helmet. ROAD: if it was a charity ride I would either go back and ask the wife to bring it.

    I am not sure I have forgotten the helmet on too many rides. I like to double and triple check.

  13. RB

    thankfully, I have heard of grocery stores. I may make the Hottie Special sometime soon. I may not. we’ll just have to see how it goes.

    HMoN. I am going for redemption. I DNF’d my HMoN last time. And the year before that I registered, but DNS.

    I’m making it happen this time around. The weather will be much better and I think I still have some fitness left. So it’s HMoN, Redemption Category! Same course, updated playlist, and perhaps a more well stocked aid station. 100 miles about 110 laps, and 8500′ of elevation gain. Maybe a midnight start, because that would be just a little nutty.

    Can’t wait!

  14. Dizzy

    Absolutely go back and get the helmet. I never completely recovered from a 40 mph header 7 years ago. My ability to recall and speed of processing was permanently damaged. Without the helmet, death would have been the result. The front left of the helmet was melted from skidding on the road and the inside was pretty much exploded.

    MoN: Right on!

  15. Miles Archer

    100 MoN – I’m trying to talk myself into it being 10K of N in a swimming pool. Especially if I can do it before my local swim club shuts down in mid-october.

    Love the charity.

  16. TJ

    Which foot forward; I’m right handed in writing, ball throwing and kicking, but am pretty much ambidextrous with many other things; brush my teeth left handed, can use a fork with either hand, etc. I’m right foot forward on the bike, and I’ve been trying left foot forward lately since I had noticed I was always right-foot forward. Very strange feeling.

    Helmet; would buy a new one or not ride

    Considering ideas for 100 MoN; considering ideas but first thought is on a mountain bike

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