Paceline Podcast #83

Paceline Podcast #83

Patrick is away in Tennessee working on a feature for Bicycling Magazine on Memphis. Memphis’ fortunes have changed in the last few years and the city has made a huge investment in infrastructure for cyclists and pedestrians. Patrick says this has made the city wholly more livable and infinitely more worth visiting. Watch for his feature in Bicycling next year.

Fatty has invented a new segment we are calling, rather directly, the Very Important Question. For our opening question Fatty asked, “Would you wear someone else’s gloves?” Not everyone was grossed out by using someone else’s hand protectors.

Next week’s question: When you are descending, which foot do you put forward: left, right or do you switch it up?

There have been heatwaves baking parts of the U.S. Both Northern and Southern California cities have set records with temperatures hitting upwards of 110 degrees Fahrenheit. The boys explore some of the tactics for avoiding the worst of the heat without just giving up and staying inside.

Hottie interviews Diego Binatena, an up-and-coming racer who has launched an apparel line called Base Cartel. In this Q and A we re-discover what it’s like to be young, ambitious and creative.




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Show links:

Base Cartel

Zipp SL-70 Ergo

Icarus Documentary


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  1. Ted Jones

    I ride right foot-forward on descents. I’ve tried switching it up and it feels completely un-natural. Mountain, road, CX, doesn’t matter it all feels weird with the left foot forward. Need to work on that.

  2. Ron

    I’ve heard great things about Memphis in terms of cycling infrastructure. I’m in Durham, NC and have been involved in advocacy. I know we’re WAY behind similarly sized cities in terms of non-motorist infrastructure. I’ve been here ten years and it’s gotten a lot better though.

    What is scary is that suddenly the city is “cool,” after years of being ignored. Now we have an insane amount of building and growth, but local officials are doing nothing to help cyclists. Which is very frustrating, as NOW is when we could make it a bike friendly city.

  3. Kevin

    You guys were talking about insulated bottles. Fill the bottle halfway, lay it on it’s side in the freezer (with the bottom just a bit lower so the lid doesn’t freeze shut. Take it out a bit before your ride so you can open the lid, then fill the other half of the water. Do this with two bottles and you’ll have cold water for at 2 hours. I live in Houston and this works here even in August.

  4. Jared

    Left foot forward, but I practice right foot forward once in a while just to maintain some brain plasticity.

    Nice interview with Diego. I just ordered 3 pair of sox. Next time get a RKP discount promo code out of him so he can track his business. Good for him. Good for you.

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