Paceline Tandem #01

Paceline Tandem #01

Dream Chaser: A Normal Guy Confronts the Tour Divide

You’re a normal person who wants to do something completely not normal: a 2700-mile mountain bike ride. You want to ride the holy grail of endurance mountain biking events — the Tour Divide.

To make this happen, you’re going to need to prepare and train for years…and cash in a few million brownie points.

In this first episode of The Paceline “Tandem”(our clever way to publish longform one-on-one conversations with people who love bikes), Fatty talks with Adam Lisonbee – a guy who’s been dreaming about and planning for the Tour Divide, for two solid years. The first half of the episode was recorded right before Adam headed out to begin the race, and the second half of the episode happens soon after Adam gets back.

It’s an honest, insightful, and sometimes painfully candid pair of conversations. Chances are, if you’ve ever dreamed about doing something almost impossible, you’ll find a little of yourself in this episode.

PS: Let us know what you think of this “Tandem” bonus episode, and who you’d like to have us deep-dive with next.



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Tour Divide

Grizzly Adam

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  2. Ryan Carlson

    Great interview guys. Thoroughly enjoyed it. Lots of relatable thoughts as I prepare for my second Leadville… An idea that sounded really awesome in the middle of November last year, but is slowly stressing me out seven days from the start. Agree with you Adam, just need to be in the moment and enjoy the ride. Thanks for the reminder!

    1. Author

      Thanks, Ryan! It’s been too long since we’ve talked. I’ll be in Leadville starting Saturday; text me and let’s go for a ride!

  3. PBG

    Super interview. Thumbs up for the common cyclist. Very inspirational. Thanks so much to Adam for sharing his experience. Nice job Fatty and RKP!

  4. Dizzy

    Just like the “Fatty Cast”, I love this format of the deep dive, as you describe it, into the interviewees; their experiences, their personalities, their “why we do it”. So please continue on. D

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