Paceline Podcast #80

Paceline Podcast #80

Hottie and Fatty are back from Leadville. Are they ready to stop talking about it? Heck no. The talk about how their races went, how that’s different from the result they expected, and their best guesses why. The boys actually Patrick a chance to talk about the race he did last weekend (yes, he actually raced, too!), Annadel, and how his performance sits somewhere between Fatty’s and Hottie’s, relatively speaking.

Canyon Bicycles has finally begun accepting orders here in the U.S. Their web site is fully functional. So just what does that mean?

On a related vein, Beeline Bicycles, the mobile bike shop company, has sold another 25 franchises. So what does that mean for traditional brick-and-mortars?


First Flight Bicycles has been saved from closing! It’s something approaching a happy ending following the tragic loss of Jeff Archer.



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Show links:

Leadville Trail 100 Results

Annadel Classic

Apple Air Pods

Denver Rockies’ Chad Bettis

Scott Twinloc

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  1. Matthew

    Hey there guys,
    I am super excited to hear about Leadville ended up for you guys. Sorry Fatty about the seat. I was cheering for you both to accomplish your goals. I mean the likelihood of needing to bring another seat. But crazy that Hottie had one.

    I think that exploring the mental side of riding / racing might be some interesting articles.

    I have not raced but I appreciate you guys being honest about your experiences. thanks for sharing!

    PS be interesting to hear about Malisa Leadville experience! Maybe a tandem episode?

  2. wharton_crew

    Fatty, near the end of the podcast, you teased that a series of Leadville write-ups as well as a Levi L, Jan U, teaser would be posted on Does that mean you’re resurrecting the blog (or at least writing for RKP)?? Your podcasts are great, but I’d LOVE to read your writings again.

    Don’t toy with our emotions!

  3. Brian Bartels

    Micheal, obviously I am late to listening to this podcast, I had a very similar experience at Leadville to you. I was able to finish, and get a buckle, but not with a good time. I too feel that my disappointing Leadville was a result of not having a great reason to race. I would have pulled the plug 1/2 way up Powerline if doing so didn’t inconvenience guys who were still actively engaged.
    I finished and told everyone who asked that I was done with Leadville three buckles was enough. Now 4 months later guess who put his name in the lottery. If my name is pulled I will have a lot more motivation to actually perform well.

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