Paceline Podcast #79

Paceline Podcast #79

Fatty and Hottie (it’s like Laurel and Hardy, only not) are in Leadville for the annual Leadville 100. They’ve unpacked, done some course recon and have taken their final rides ahead of the race. And now they are eating. We talk about those final preparations, Jonathan Vaughters’ (name drop!) final training instructions. Seemingly the entire Fatty clan is either racing or providing support. The Brady Bunch wishes they had such a crowd.

Patrick has written a couple of posts about the sale of Rapha to two of the heirs of the Walmart fortune. We discuss the conflation of “Walmart buys Rapha,” just what the new owners are up to and whether or not they are real cycling enthusiasts.

We discuss the departure of the media event PressCamp and what that means for editorial types. Lance Armstrong ran into some problems with his podcast and sponsorship. And we look at another road diet.

Patrick has replaced his Yuba Spicy Curry and he says the new version has been a great upgrade. Fatty falls for pizza and Hottie waxes poetic on the charms of trucks.




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  1. William Rossman

    On the subject of Walmart. I am always rather ashamed to tell people I work in retail, and doubly so that I work for a subsidiary of Walmart(Sam’s Club), due to their not so great reputation. But as a mountain biker(and gravel cyclist) I’ve always thought it pretty cool that a Walton was also a supporter of cycling. It is amazing how they have made Bentonville into a destination place. So for my part, I think it is great how much interest in cycling the Walton’s have. Although Rapha’s stuff seems nice, it’s a bit out of my range, and I already have found a great bib that I love, made by Mt Borah. Made in Wisconsin too. Anyway, love the podcast!

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