Paceline Podcast #78

Paceline Podcast #78

Fatty and Hottie are busy packing for the looming rendezvous of each of their seasons: Leadville. Yep, it’s that time once again. Fatty has a whopping six people in his contingent. The boys break down what they are taking with them, from clothing to tools and equipment and what food they will depend on.

Fatty plays an excerpt of his interview with Adam Lisonbee about his preparation for and the result of his effort to ride the Tour Divide. So where is the full interview playing you’re wondering, right?

So now we get to announce a new addition to the Paceline, called Paceline Tandem. These are one-on-one interviews with interesting people. You can find this first interview with Adam Lisonbee here in the Sound section.

Patrick is just back from Lake Tahoe and the Northstar Resort where he attended the Saddle Drive event from distributor QBP. He talks about his experience riding bikes from All City, Salsa and Surly. He also spent part of an afternoon at the Truckee Bike Park. He’s been babbling about how great it is ever since.

The big trade show for the U.S., Interbike, is moving! They are choosing to move to Reno for 2018 to 2022. What. The. Hell?



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Show links:

The City of San Dimas

The Leadville 100

Truckee Bike Park

Wahoo Elemnt Mini

Tour Divide



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  1. bloodpuddle

    Loving the podcast guys, well done. Two comments about episode #78:
    1 – with all the detail on what you guys are taking to Leadville (Fatty’s furniture store, Hottie’s underwear etc), neither of you actually told us what bikes you are racing on!
    2 – Patrick, please spare us our sanity and record a new version of the HealthIQ promo that plays in the middle of the podcast. I think I can recite it by heart now.
    Keep up the great work!

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