Paceline Podcast #77

Paceline Podcast #77

Fatty crashed and got a big raspberry on his hip. Went down on a wet descent right by a spot cyclists call Hamilton Falls because Tyler Hamilton fell there during the Tour of Utah. The staff here thinks they want to avoid that road at all cost. In the fall, because bad thing always have to happen when you fall on a road ride, Fatty ruined his best bibs. The upside? Because they were Rapha, they are being repaired for free. We also get another name-drop of Jonathan Vaughters.

Los Angeles decided to try something called a “road diet” but they choose not to do it in the usual sort of location road diets are performed—a shopping and dining district. No. Los Angeles decided to do it on a stretch of road mostly used for commuting. Naturally, there were people for it, and against it. But the city has been sent into retreat by upset residents. We explore the reasons for the failure, how cyclists became the culprit and how sometimes we don’t really help ourselves.

The great magazine Dirt Rag is celebrating a pretty great milestone: their 200th issue. We talk about what that means for an independent publisher and how our man Patrick interviewed Gary Fisher for the issue.

The Grasshopper Adventure Series has announced two new events for the fall, an eight-hour race at Lake Sonoma and a two-day gravel event up in Mendocino County. Patrick has already started packing.

The Kickstarter for the children’s book, Buddy Pegs Taking the Lead, funded, due mostly to our efforts. Maybe not.

And what’s talk of bike riding without talk of saddle sores and boils? Hottie gives a big nod to Adam Hansen.

Tour Fans have gone full rabbit hole on the Cavendish crash. They found a contributing cause to the crash that has nothing to do with Peter Sagan.

Specialized’s nonprofit, the Specialized Foundation produced a one-minute PSA about ADHD. It’s an amazing moment of compassion and support.

Fatty has a new source big calories on rides.


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  1. Matthew

    Just received yesterday my Dirt Rag Magazine and am looking forward to reading the article about Gary Fisher. I was converted over from Bicycle Times Magazine to Dirt Rag. I have about 3 more magazine before I have to figure out if I renew or not. I really liked how BT covered all kinds of riding versus one type. I will give a fair read or two and see if I invest in it.
    We have seen some roads that have dieted around here and it seems to have slowed down traffic 🙂 and makes them more bikeable. we have seen more people biking as well. (piedmont, NC)
    PS I have never thought about uncrustables as riding food but now you have me thinking that would be perfect for some rides.
    PPS I am glad Fatty is okay and I hope recovery continues in time for Leadville

  2. Katie Massen

    I listened to this podcast and loved Patrick’s paceline pick! Have you looked into John Ratey, M.D. and his book “SPARK: The Revolutionary New Science of Exercise and the Brain?” Dr. Ratey delves a little into how exercise helps the brain, especially the ADHD brain. I found this book very informative and a great read. I hope it can help anyone with ADD/ADHD as well. One of my brothers was diagnosed with ADHD in the ’80s and one of his therapies was exercise.

    1. Author

      Thanks for the kind words Katie. Yes, I’ve read Spark. It’s an excellent book. Likewise, I can recommend it to anyone interested in understanding how exercise can help focus.

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