Paceline Podcast #75

Paceline Podcast #75

Fatty and Hottie went to Beaver, Utah, to partake in the wonderfulness known as the Crusher in the Tushar. Good suffering was had by all. Imagine an event that goes uphill more than downhill. Or don’t. It doesn’t sound easy, or fun.

Fatty and Hottie interview organizer Burke Swindlehurst about the challenge, the attraction and the fun of the event.

Last year, former bike shop owners Scott and Janine Fitzgerald published a children’s book called “B Is for Bicycle.” They have a Kickstarter for a new book they are working on, called “Buddy Pegs Taking the Lead.” Patrick interviews Scott about the project and their larger plans for children’s books.

There’s this race going on in France. People seem to care more about the drama surrounding the race than the race itself. The boys discuss some of that drama, including the unwritten rules of racing.



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Image courtesy Crusher in the Tushar

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  1. Jeff Dieffenbach

    I *think* this is the episode (and even the podcast!) that discussed Factor bikes and their new cassette that features single-tooth jumps for the smaller cogs before going to larger jumps for the bigger cogs. If so, any idea if that cassette will be available standalone (as opposed to only on one of their bikes)?

    1. Author

      The cassette will be produced by 3T, not Factor, and yes, it will be available aftermarket. Let the salivation begin.

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