Paceline Podcast #74

Paceline Podcast #74

With Peter Sagan’s recent expulsion from the Tour de France, all of social media has blown up with whether or not he caused Mark Cavendish’s crash and what the appropriate action, if any, was warranted. As our man Patrick put it, “Pinning all of the problems of that sprint on Sagan is like pinning all of Watergate on John Ehrlichman.” Hottie talks about the time he sort of got Saganed (new verb, you heard it here first), but then saved it all.

Lance Armstrong has a new blog for Outside Online and the boys talk about whether listening to his podcast and reading his blog is worth their time.

And speaking of pro cycling, Fatty updates us on his coaching by Jonathan Vaughters, even while he is at the Tour de France. He shares what it’s like to be dressed down by a ProTour team director when you go off script.

We also talk bike theft. Patrick’s cargo bike, a Yuba Spicy Curry, was stolen over the weekend, and while the Santa Rosa Police Department recovered it less than 36 hours later, the bike is a wreck. Our cheers to Yuba Bikes and director of operations Marc Azevedo for their help in recovering the bike they sold him.

Hottie interviews Abus Security’s Greg Heck about protecting your investment.



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New Flavors from GU Energy


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  1. Gabe

    I enjoyed hearing about the bike recovery, having recently recovered my first bike, stolen in October 2015 (2 days before the Gran Fondo!). No amount of respraying was going to mask the distinctive look of a Fondriest seat stays, Fizik seat and custom wheels!

    I suspect my place was cased by Strava stalking. Since then I have updated my privacy settings.

    1. ac

      Re: Strava, and other GPS tracks that are published online
      Yes, you definitely need to shut down your privacy settings.
      – Any GPS tracks you have online effectively announce you have a bike, you also disclose you can afford fancy accessories so more than likely have valuable bike/s.
      – The GPS track can be accurate enough to show them which door of the building will give the most direct access to the bikes.
      – The timestamp and other data can help them work out when the bikes are home but you’re not.
      So set a privacy zone around your home and other places the bike is left for extended periods. Such as around your work if you commute by bike. (In rural areas this can be tricky as the privacy zone distances can be less than the distance between homes.)
      Also set your privacy settings so that only your friends can see your GPS tracks (people you have explicitly chosen to see your tracks)

  2. ac

    Bummer about the Yuba. Hope you’ll be able to resurrect it without too much difficulty/cost. I guess as they’ve caught the thief the missing parts might also be recovered? Is the frame still good/straight? Perhaps an opportunity to re-spray in a preferred colour?
    What’s the plan the plan for beefing up security? Bigger, better locks? Asking permission to install a security anchor point in the stairwell? Techno lock that sends an alarm when disturbed? Rearranging the garage, such as hanging other bikes from the roof so Yuba can lean against the wall inside? Lobbying HA to install security cameras?

  3. Matthew

    i am glad to hear it was recovered although sad to hear the state of the bike recovered. I would be interested in hearing 1. how do you handle insurance? Homeowners I assume? do you have special riders or what? What is the follow up? 2. are you going to do anything different for security?

    @Fatty that is pretty cool about your coaching and best of luck on your race.

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