The Paceline Podcast #73

The Paceline Podcast #73

PressCamp took place in Park City last week and our man Patrick was in attendance. We open the show with his reporting on a few of the bikes he rode there. He checked out the new to the U.S. brand Factor, a new aero road bike from 3T, plus two new offerings from Pivot.

Hottie met up with and interviewed the author of a new book on weight training. Jacques Devore is the owner of Sirens and Titans and worked with author Roy Wallack to pen the new book Maximum Overload for Cyclists. It provides a strength-training regimen to increase strength and endurance in a time-efficient package.

If your mountain bike has a suspension lockout switch, do you use it? Fattie decided to put that question to the world and the results rather surprised it. We discuss the results as well as our own behavior. And yet again Patrick comes out at the shallow end of the bell curve.

Greg LeMond is suing cybersquatters; we talk about the why and the what. Vista Outdoor, the holding company for a number of outdoor brands including Bell, Blackburn, Camelbak and Giro laid off 57 people; we explore the logic.



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