The Paceline Podcast #71

The Paceline Podcast #71

Patrick is back from Dirty Kanza and while there may be no place like home, he says there’s no place quite like Emporia. Fatty is away on business, so it’s the duo of Pattie and Hottie (Patrick/Padraig is going to hate that.) for yet another show.

Patrick fills us in on his experience riding the Half Pint—the 100-mile ride—and just how the town of Emporia went out of its way to welcome riders from all over. We talk eating, the course, the surface and the new Allied Alfa All Road which he rode there.

Hottie interviews Chris Kelly of Topanga Creek Outpost. He moved to Los Angeles to be an actor and ended up in bikes. They talk Unpredict Your Wednesdays as well as his line of leather goods, Rogue Journeyman.

Patrick visited the headquarters of the mobile bicycle shop Beeline Bikes. It’s a fascinating business model and not necessarily something existing shops should feel threatened by.

Shimano has just announced a revision to its popular Ultegra group. They have integrated a bunch of Dura-Ace’s newest features as well as a few new twists, like an 11-34 cassette.



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Show links:

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