The Paceline Podcast #70

The Paceline Podcast #70

This week the Paceline is down to two, with Hottie and Patrick trading pulls. Patrick is in Emporia, Kansas, for Dirty Kanza. He’ll be riding the 100 with the intention of getting back and then greeting the 200 finishers as they roll across the line.

He interviews Adam Blake of Gravel City Adventure and Supply Company about how the town turns out for the event. And 2015 winner Yuri Hauswald talks conditions and how a bit of rainfall can change everything.

The cycling world lost one of its own with the unexpected death of veteran pro team press officer Sean Weide. And one of the leading lights of frame building, Bruce Gordon, is hanging up the torch and selling his shop.



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Dirty Kanza

Dura-Ace Di2

Bruce Gordon Cycles

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  1. john beach

    Hottie seemed rather condescending towards Kansas in his interview with Patrick. Kansas is nice place, what’s with the attitude?

    1. Author

      I’d like to think it was more wonder or surprise than condescension. You can forgive folks on the left coast for being a bit surprised that such a great event might take place amidst corn fields I hope.

  2. Marty

    Registration for the 200, 100, 50 and 25 mile races will total around 2500 riders. Maybe 7000 people will be in Emporia on the day of the race.

  3. TomInAlbany

    I saw that Scott Dixon wreck on TV. Holy hell that was scary. And, he walked away! That’s some serious engineering there!

  4. Rick S

    More Fat!

    I think you guys need more Fat even though there is less Fatty! I don’t care what the wimps say. They need to HTF up and enjoy the ride!

    Love the show and I already it gave it 5 iTune stars!

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