The Paceline Podcast #69

The Paceline Podcast #69

This week we tackle every young boy’s favorite topic. We discuss the struggles Tom Dumoulin experienced at the Giro, where he suddenly hopped off his bike and ran out of sight to respond to the call of nature. Fatty tells his Daisy story in which he encountered a port-a-potty at a point when he had given up hope and very nearly his bowel.

Patrick has been in Arkansas this week. He began with a visit to Allied Cycle Works, where he got a tour plus the chance to lay up the carbon fiber sheets in a top tube. From there he headed to the Ozarks and the town of Bentonville where he’s been riding the singletrack built in and around the town. He says it’s pretty righteous.



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Vision Relay

Allied Cycle Works

Visit Bentonville

Phat Tire Bike Shop

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  1. TomInAlbany

    Hey, Padraig. It’s Tom Dumoulin from The Netherlands, not, Sam Dumoulin, the Frenchman.

    Feel free to delete this when you’re done.

    1. TomInAlbany

      following live coverage on Cycling News. apparently, it just happened to Dumoulin again in Stage 19!

  2. Timbo

    Re: Topic #1…
    I spent the summer of ’00 working as a bike messenger in Chicago. Early one morning during breakfast I felt a little telltale rattle deep down in my bowels that I knew portended bad things to come. Sure enough, food poisoning from hell hit me hard in the back end during my first or second stop in the heart of the Loop. We were short staffed for some reason that day, and since I thought my malady would blow over quickly I just kept going without notifying my dispatcher that something was amiss. At literally every stop for the next few hours though I had to ask the receptionist where the bathroom was and/or if I could borrow the key, and a couple of them even commented on my ashen look. These high dollar law firms and ad agencies were not the kinds of places that relished having the messenger class in the room for any longer than it took for us to pick up the package by the front door, but I guess the desperation in my eye led the gatekeeper at every single one of them to have a bit of mercy on me. So luckily for everyone, there were no emergencies a la Lemond in ’90. Also on the plus side: I got to see some views from high up in Sears Tower, the Hancock Building, etc. that I normally missed when my task was to just go from elevator to front desk and back.

    Eventually I returned to normal biological operation at around noon and even finished the day strong.

    Now, to tie it in to Topic #2…
    Home was/is Arkansas. I’m pretty sure I had some parts on my bike that summer that I’d bought from Tony Karklins way back in his Chainwheel bike shop days in LR. Kudos to him and the crew over at Allied.

  3. Fuzz

    I understand the reasons why Dumoulin feels it was OK for the others to take off when he was in distress, but if Quintana wins by less than 2.5 minutes, it’s still going to feel like it was an asterisk victory.

  4. Cameron Dube

    Re: insulated coffee thermos question. I use a 500ml flip lid insulated thermos from Mountain Equipment Coop in Canada. I also wrap it in a closed cell foam (camping mat foam) then wrapped in tuck tape. I race winter ultras and this works well for me at -30C for many hours. I agree, ya gotta keep the temperature constant!
    Happy Javas and riding!

  5. David

    My best poop story, though it’s not particularly exciting, was the disparity on a recent group ride between my pre-massive-dump time up a local medium-hard climb and my post-massive-dump time up the same climb an hour and a half later.

    Power to weight is a thing, y’all.

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