The Paceline Podcast #68

The Paceline Podcast #68

Are you feeling tired? We are, but not of doing this show. We talk sleep, ingredients of better sleep and the value of a good nap. We also discuss a few hormones that are involved and how much we dislike legs that throb after a hard ride.

There’s a new app called Rollout that helps you set up group rides or find group rides to join. Fatty talks to the developer Kevin Day. He comes to the conclusion that it’s the opposite of Strava. That’s not as negative as it might sound.

There’s a new study on power meters out by the Swiss Federal Institute of Sport. Published in the International Journal of Sports Medicine, the researchers found that many power meters are less accurate than advertised. But how much does that really matter? Are they any less useful if they aren’t 100 percent accurate?



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Rollout app

Continental X-King Tires

Felt FR2 Disc

Topanga Creek Outpost

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  1. Peter

    Hey Guys,

    I appreciated the power meter discussion and generally agree that consistency is more important than “truthfulness”/accuracy, however, I think one important thing you left out is that all these companies are in some way selling a product that claims to be “true” to actual real world power. That said, one manufacturer is clearly taken to task by the article for lacking even consistency (“precision” as they term it in the article). If they are short cutting the consumer either through poor QC or just a shoddy product, they deserve to be taken to task – as Fatty said, these are by and large very expensive products.

    It’s really disappointing the Swiss Fed article is only available through academic journals, because the offending companies really need to be outed and need to address their problems to past and present customers. I’m not sure about the ethics of posting the results from the article, etc, but I strongly feel this information should be made public.

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