The Paceline Podcast #67

The Paceline Podcast #67

This week, we ask a question: Are you okay with changing a ride’s plan? What do you do when a ride goes off plan? Fatty encountered some serious wind on a ride and had to ask himself a question. And what about when work is out of control and you miss some rides? How does that affect your training? Are you adaptable? Jonathan Vaughters has a surprisingly philosophic outlook on that lost time.

We drop back into bike commuting, especially as we are posting this on National Bike to Work Day. Listeners shared some of their bike commutes and tips for better commuting. But what about your post-ride coffee? Our man Hottie is having trouble getting his coffee to work and we discuss how to help him get his special beans to work, still hot.

We also discuss the final Grasshopper of the season, King Ridge Dirt Supreme. Patrick did the short one so that he could make it back to Santa Rosa for a grand opening celebration for the local pump track. So while this one included some bright, sunny weather, there was a stout wind to keep it lively.

We’re saddened to report that First Flight Bicycles, the shop owned by Jeff Archer, is closing in the wake of his death. Archer was killed by an impaired driver 10 months ago when he was struck in a crosswalk.

California’s bill to introduce the rolling stop sign rule for cyclists—stop as yield—has, unfortunately been withdrawn.



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  1. Noah B

    Hey Hottie, Zojirushi containers are some of the best on the market. They’ll keep you coffee hot all day (at least they do for me) and they’re around $30 but completely worth it.

    1. Geoff S

      I second this recommendation. I’ve used one in the past and it’s kept my coffee hot for half a day or more, hot enough to still feel like it will scald after 4 hours or more. I can’t comment on bottle cage capabilities, but you can always toss it in your bag – that’s what I do. Leakproof.

  2. Dylan

    Hottie – I believe Klean Kanteen makes an insulated version of their bottle as well. I’ve also got friends that swear by the Corkcicle, but I can’t speak to it fitting in a cage.

  3. Erik

    S’well 17 oz should work…

    I’ve used the larger version for cold drinks and leave it in the car on hot days, and the water remains very cold after 8-10 hours. They say they keep things cold for 24, and hot for 12…

  4. Kevin Collings

    I’ve had great results with Coffee Joulies. Basically a heat sink that gradually releases heat back in to the coffee, keeping it at the ideal temperature longer. I backed them on Kickstarter, probably the best project I’ve ever supported.

  5. MikeL

    You want wind? Come up to SE Wyoming.
    The Camelbak Forge is a good cup. Almost too good of a cup in terms of how long it will keep coffee hot.

  6. Jeff Dieffenbach

    Hottie, you mentioned having 5 different ways to make coffee. Why not take 1 of those ways in to work and brew it there?

    Fatty, my place on the OCD spectrum aligns me with you regarding changes of plan. Completely irrational, fades reasonably quickly, but hard to shake at the moment of plantastrophe

  7. Brendan

    Hottie, Exposure Axis light here, 3 modes, super tough they can handle some abuse and are minimalistic which I love, perfect for commuting good choice! Oh, and super quick charge time, 3 hours full charge and runs for about a week of rides for me. Just coming in to winter here in Sydney Australia so the perfect light for me.

  8. Matthew

    Hottie, I use a Thermos container with a flip top lid for my coffee. I got it at Target. I put it in my pannier. I had hot coffee in a 45-50 minute commute at the lowest 13F. It might fit in a water bottle cage.

    I commute 11miles minimum one way. I carry stuff in my panniers.

    1. Peter

      Just wanted to add that I have this exact thermos – it fits perfectly snub in a King Iris Cage…

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