Paceline Podcast #65

Paceline Podcast #65

We got the band back together. Patrick is finally back from Japan and the Sea Otter Classic and tells tales of tiny roads, crazy descents and lots of hot water, not to mention a new mountain bike that might be the one to rule them all.

Hottie interviews David Rosen of Sage Titanium who talks about his love for the material and what makes his line of bikes distinct.

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Show links:

Marin Wolf Ridge

Sage Titanium

Isla Bikes

Extreme Cyclist Jacob Zurl


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  1. TomInAlbany

    I’ve still got my ’98 Serotta Ti bike. Only reasons I’m looking for another bike is fit (I’m 51) and maybe disk brakes. That said, I can only get 28s on this thing. But, not sure how wide I really want to go.

    Ti is beautiful stuff!

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