Paceline Podcast #64

Paceline Podcast #64

This week we talk vows—wedding vows and how they might be tested if one of you forgets your Camelbak. Patrick is back from Japan but at a bike launch for Marin Bikes while Fattie and Hottie hold down the fort. Fattie got a specific assignment from Coach Max Fat, aka Jonathan Vaughters; go flat stick for eight to nine hours. The Queen of Pain joined him and his family for a loop around White Rim. Hilarity ensues.

Fattie interviews Dan Wuori about his Easter miracle practice of asking people to reconcile on Twitter. They discuss how it started and what it’s accomplished, not to mention why there was a need for it.

Gravel bikes are beginning to be built with suspension and dropper posts are being added. Hottie and Fattie discuss the new developments.

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Dropper post on a ‘cross bike

Dream Bikes

Uncommon Communications


Image: Darryl Carey, courtesy Taipei Cycle Show


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1 comment

  1. Rohit

    Congratulations on an amazing White Rim ride!
    Congratulations on not dying in the desert, or being killed (and I’m not talking about by the desert…)

    So great to hear that the JV coaching is making a difference. I’ve read tons on the methodology which Hottie described on the show, but until now have not heard anyone describing how the high cadence, low calorie training really improved their output and how. Time to put down the pre-load bottle, and keep that cadence a little higher than might be comfortable.

    And…thanks to the magic of satellite technology and Strava, now I know where the location of the optimal stash tree!

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