Paceline Podcast #62

Paceline Podcast #62

We kick things off with some Tour of Flanders talk. The brave move, the crashes, the mechanicals and the U.S. national anthem played during ONE of the podium ceremonies.

As part of our Flanders discussion, we also take a look at what some race organizers say is imminent: charging spectators. A newspaper in Belgium recently surveyed dozes of race organizers and most said selling general admission tickets WILL happen. Question is, will the tifosi pay up?

In the first of a two part interview, Patrick talked to Jim Cummins and Lelan Dains from Dirty Kanza. They discuss the early days of the event and what makes it such a challenge.

And Hottie has an interview with a nutrition company that could also serve diabetics. Their product may have the one and only ingredient you will ever need.

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Coryn Rivera

Dirty Kanza

The Dirty Kanza Rider’s Bible



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  1. Eric Finley

    Someone forgot to edit out the bit in the Kanza interview about the panaracer tires. It was sort of funny to hear Padraig say we’ll edit this out later and then reask the question. 🙂

    Another fun podcast, I hope we find Fatty soon, but I’ll bet he was just in the middle of another Vaughters workout.

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