I’d just like to give all of you, the marvelous RKP readership, a little heads-up. For the better part of this week and next I will be in Japan—riding, natch. I’ll be on assignment for Bicycling Magazine, working on a feature that will appear in late 2017 or early 2018.

I’ll be on the island of Shikoku, the smallest of the four major islands, and the one that is least Westernized. I don’t anticipate that I will have regular access to teh Interwebz, so I’ve lined up a load of content to keep you lot busy in my absence.

It is unlikely you will see much in the way of social media or responses to comments, but I’ll try to check in if/when possible.

I’ve also lined up some interviews for the Paceline and the Redwood Empire Pedalcast so you won’t have to miss my voice.

Thanks for bearing with me through this absence.

And no, this is not an April Fool’s gag. Srsly.


Image: Jeremy Hall, Flickr Creative Commons


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  1. Ethan

    I lived in Japan for four years, don’t worry you will have easier access to the internet than in many American cities.

  2. Tony Moy

    Shikoku is, for western cyclists, a hidden gem. We were lucky to take part in a Bicycle Adventure Club trip there last fall to visit some of the 88 pilgrimage temples. We were charmed by the people, incredibly helpful and respectful, despite us not speaking a lick of Japanese. The roads are generally scenic and the cycling fantastic. You’re going at the right time of year too: spring when the cherry blossoms appear (and also a lot of rain!)

  3. Ethan

    Which parts are you going to? There are four prefectures on the island, I can recommend good regional dishes for you if I know where you are going. You will love the bicycle friendly, and clean streets. I am excited for you and can not wait to read about it.

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