Redwood Empire Pedalcast #8

Redwood Empire Pedalcast #8

Patrick is back from Salt Lake City where he presided over the awards for the North American Handmade Bicycle Show. We catch up about some of the amazing bikes that were there, as well as talk about some of the NorCal builders in attendance.

Jake spent some time at the Sonoma County Open Space District meeting where the topic was how to start unifying the various parcels into something that can be traveled without interruption. It’s a variety of advocacy that is pretty forward-thinking.

He also interviewed the folks at FATRAC who took it upon themselves to meet with Representative Tom McClintock and ask him to sponsor what is now H.R. 1349, the Human Powered Travel in Wilderness Act. He asked them how they were able to set up the meeting and secure his support.


The Redwood Empire Pedalcast is sponsored by Bike Monkey, Trail House and Trek Store Santa Rosa.



Show links:

The North American Handmade Bicycle Show

FATRAC: Folsom Auburn Trail Riders Action Coalition

Sonoma County Open Space District


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