Redwood Empire Pedalcast #7

Redwood Empire Pedalcast #7

Just as we thought the rain was past tense, it comes roaring back for another good soaking. We discuss conditions at last weekend’s Super Sweetwater Grasshopper, which is to say wet the way the sun is bright. On the advocacy front, Tom McClintock a Republican from here in Northern California has introduced H.R. 1349, another version of the STC’s Human Powered Travel in Wilderness Act.

The North American Handmade Bicycle Show happens in Salt Lake City Friday, Saturday and Sunday. We check out all the NorCal-based builders who will be there. And in our calendar we discuss some pretty cool events like the Ward’s Ferry Road Race and the second Bike Monkey event of the season, SoNoMas, which could have a bit of rerouting due to flooding at Lake Sonoma.


The Redwood Empire Pedalcast is sponsored by Bike Monkey, Trail House and Trek Store Santa Rosa.



Show Links:

Padraig’s musings on the Super Sweetwater Grasshopper

STC Press Release on Tom McClintock sponsoring H.R. 1349


Images: Jorge Flores, JustPedal

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