Redwood Empire Pedalcast #6

Redwood Empire Pedalcast #6

In #6, we discuss some new legislation that has been introduced at the state level, including one for an Idaho stop—which would allow cyclists to treat a stop sign as a yield, provided the intersection is clear. We also discuss IMBA’s new executive director Dave Wiens and some of the struggles that organization is experiencing.

In our first interview, we talk to the executive director of the Sustainable Trails Coalition, Ted Stroll. He tells us about how the Human Powered Travel in Wilderness Act would play out as a matter of practical access in Northern California. We’ve been curious about what could potentially open up and he fills us in. We also ask him to fill us in on some of the big advocacy challenges that Northern California faces, as he sees them.

We also interview Patrick Band, the executive director of Napa Bike, the Napa County Bicycle Coalition. He discusses the creation of a new bike path in Napa County that could facilitate not just recreation, but practical riding north and south through the heart of the valley. He also gives a plug for the upcoming Napa Bike Fest on May 6, which is now in its sixth year. There will be a bike swap, food trucks and beer.


The Redwood Empire Pedalcast is sponsored by Bike Monkey, Trail House and Trek Store Santa Rosa.



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