Paceline Podcast #58

Paceline Podcast #58

This week we’ve got two great interviews with guys who know their way around the manufacturing of bikes. First up, though, we recap last weekend’s sogtastic (ultra-soggy) Super Sweetwater Grasshopper. Rain fell for most of the day. In other news, Santa Rosa is celebrating its rainiest year on record.

In our first interview we talk to Lennard Zinn, technical editor of VeloNews. He has written a new book with Chris Case and John Mandrola M.D. called “The Haywire Heart.” It concerns heart arrhythmias, something that occurs with cyclists in surprising numbers.

Hottie spends some time talking to Brad Devaney, the head of engineering for Litespeed. He recently reviewed the T5g, a gravel bike from the famed titanium manufacturer.

California is considering legislation that would allow cyclists to do an Idaho stop. That is, if passed, we would be able to treat stop signs as yields, provided the intersection is clear.


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Show links:

Padraig’s musings on the Super Sweetwater Grasshopper

STC Press Release on Tom McClintock sponsoring H.R. 1349

California Stop Sign Bill

Litespeed Bicycles

The Haywire Heart

North American Handmade Bike Show

Bonus Coverage: Amazing bike tricks by Brad Devaney



Images: Jorge Flores, JustPedal

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