Paceline Podcast #57

Paceline Podcast #57

Fatty and Patrick are back with a trio of interviews Patrick conducted at the recent Team Rally training camp in Oxnard. They are the second-longest-running team in the U.S. and arguably the most successful domestic program in the U.S. as well. Patrick interviewed team director (and former pro) Jonas Carney, the talented climber and rising star Evan Huffman and New Englander Jesse Anthony, a multiple Cyclocross National Champion who now resides in Southern California.


But before we get there, we start off the show by checking in with Fatty on his progress with his new personal coach, Jonathan Vaughters. Yeah, the team director for Cannondale Drapac. That guy.

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Team Rally

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Continental Cyclocross Speed


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  1. David McCook

    Did I hear you say you had the Conti Speed cox tyre in a tubeless version? Their website doesn’t mention a tubeless option?

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