The Paceline Podcast #55

The Paceline Podcast #55

We start with ass pain, the kind of pain that comes early in the season when your hind quarters are sensitive to long rides. But then we shift to a genuine pain in the keister, with Lance Armstrong. He’s going to be riding Bike Monkey’s Fish Rock event, which is good for them, considering the attention it will bring the event, but none of the locals want to see him win. And it looks like Ole Tex will have his date in court after all. A federal judge has cleared the fraud suit brought by Floyd Landis to go to trial. After all of Armstrong’s legal team’s many strategies were put down, the suit, for $32M, is going to be fully litigated.

Hottie is back and he has a fascinating interview with Rebecca Rusch on the film that has dominated her life of late. It’s nearing release and is her story of an intense personal journal.

Seven Cycles, the Boston maker renown for its custom titanium and steel frames is celebrating 20 years. It’s an amazing milestone. In other news, the professional riders’ association (CPA) has sent a letter signed by 600 pros saying they don’t want to go any further with the disc brake trial. They had previously asked for three conditions: 1) that rotor edges be rounded so they can’t cut, 2) that a housing by affixed to frames to guard riders from the rotors, and 3) that the entire peloton be on discs, or not; they don’t want discs and rim calipers mixed in the same field. One one of those conditions—the rounded edges on rotors—has been met. Interestingly, Cannondale Drapac will field its entire team at the Ruta del Sol on bikes equipped with disc brakes. Finally, Ritchey is auctioning off a P-29 frame fillet brazed by Tom Ritchey and the full proceeds will go to NICA.

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Show Links:

Armstrong Suit Cleared for Trial

Seven Cycles

Ritchey frame auction for NICA

Watch Tom Ritchey make a frame

Bike Monkey’s Fish Rock Gravel Event

Ragnar Trail Zion

Red eTap WiFLi rear derailleur

Oregon Timber Trail

Rebecca Rusch

Rebecca’s New Bike

Rebecca’s Ted Talk:


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  1. darenb75

    Patrick, I went down to Texas and rode the Texas Chainring Massacre and Lance was there doing his first gravel ride. I was told the he pulled up at the end and got second.

  2. Jimmy C

    You can include me with those whose jaw hit the floor during the oprah interview. But I’m done caring. I have no doubt those who were personally wronged or those whose careers were ruined by lance would love to see him live out his days financially ruined. I get it. But I just don’t care anymore. Maybe it’s the lack of f***s available to be given by creeping middle age. I don’t know.

  3. joe ruf

    Input, no-need to post as comment: Put a link in text or somewhere for the sponsors? … I had to listen 3 times to get Michael’s quickly spoken’ eliel cycling’ spelled close enough so Google could find it/them.

  4. RB

    OK. I love cycling. I love bikes, I even enjoy following racing.

    When are we as a cycling community going to stop worrying about what Lance Armstrong is doing? It’s been a few years…as Padrig said, he’s kind of one of us now, not THE Lance. Someday I guess. Baseball is kind of over Pete Rose I guess, but that took a long time.

    Regarding “retired” pros entering the big local events…

    I met Lance and George last weekend at the 24HoP. Nice guys. Acknowledged me when they passed, said a few encouraging words…all good. Also as Padrig said, man was I happy that he and his team did not win…and they were NOT soft-pedaling. They did indeed take podium spot, but I do believe that they had to work for it.

    Also totally agree. He should not be winning amateur races — truly amateur races. Leadville, Crusher, Downieville, etc. are different, touring pros show up, so hey battle it out with the touring pros.

    A great example was set by Eric Marcotte (Road Race and Crit champion). He showed up at 6 Hours of Papago — decidedly amateur race, and drilled it for 5 hours. He was a good lap to 1.5 laps ahead, and could have soft-pedaled in for the win. Instead, he pulled up, made the “I’m cutting it off” sign, and rolled over for some BBQ.

  5. TomInAlbany

    Fatty, Now that Assos have been bought by an American, perhaps you can learn the true identity of a certain,snarky Dr. Lammler?

  6. Dan Heideman

    Im Sure Lance Would Love To Be Doing Road Races but Usada Said No.If Lance Brings More People To The Races Everybody Should Thank Him.Outside of the Drugs Lance Has Done Alot For Cycling.Lance Was And Is An Incredible Athlete.Lance Is Trying To Move On From The Drug Ridden Years Of Cycling And Enjoy Life .Alot Of us Are Disappointed With His And ALOT of Other Cyclists Choice To Use PED,s But Its Time For America and The Cycling Community To Move On.

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