Redwood Empire Pedalcast #4

Redwood Empire Pedalcast #4

In this week’s show we talk about all the rain Northern California has been experiencing and how that’s creating problems not just for those who want to ride off road but even for road riders. Slides are effecting roads all over the Bay Area, rendering some descents in the Santa Cruz Mountains and Sonoma County unrideable.

We also take some time to discuss the work the Redwood Empire Mountain Bike Alliance has been up to. Sonoma County is on the move.

In the calendar we talk about a few new (to us) events that have popped up on the calendar. One, a gravel event called the Tour de Placer Roubaix, happens this weekend and looks like major fun.

The Redwood Empire Pedalcast is sponsored by Bike Monkey, Trail House and Trek Store Santa Rosa.



Show links:

Bike Monkey

Redwood Empire Mountain Bike Alliance

Mountain Bikers of Santa Cruz

Grasshopper Adventure Series

Tour de Placer Roubaix

NorCal Mountain Bike League

NCNCA Feed Zone


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  1. Stu


    I’m a listener from Australia. Is there anyway you can setup the Redwood Empire Podcast so it’s separate to the Paceline on itunes?

    Much of the paceline is of little relevance outside of the USA but I still enjoy it for its broader topics and appeal.

    The Redwood Empire however is far to parochial to be of interest – seeing as that’s it point you have done your job well!

    I’m wondering if there a way you can set them up as being separate on itunes so the both don’t automatically download?

    Thanks in advance

    1. Author

      Stu, we will be separating the Pedalcast from the Paceline. Initially, we needed to make people aware of it and because we have so many listeners in California, this was an effective way to do it.

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