Redwood Empire Pedalcast #3

Redwood Empire Pedalcast #3

In our latest episode we discuss the evolution in bicycle advocacy from something that was strictly about facilities on the road for commuters to the rise of IMBA and to today and the rise of advocacy organizations like Mountain Bikers of Santa Cruz, the Sierra Buttes Trail Stewardship and the Redwood Empire Mountain Bike Alliance.

We take a look at REMBA and its purpose and where it hopes to provide service to the community.

We also discuss all the rain that’s been deluging Northern California and what that means for riding and coming trail maintenance in the spring.

The Redwood Empire Pedalcast is sponsored by Bike Monkey, Trail House and Trek Store Santa Rosa.



Show links:

Bike Monkey

Redwood Empire Mountain Bike Alliance

Mountain Bikers of Santa Cruz

Grasshopper Adventure Series

Rock Cobbler

NorCal Mountain Bike League

NCNCA Feed Zone


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  1. TomInAlbany

    I’ve not listened to these as I’ve got a vibe that tells me it is regional in nature and I live in Albany, NY. For those that are listening, have I missed the mark?

    1. Author

      You’re dead on the mark. It is a podcast that is regional in nature, and won’t be suitable for all of the Paceline’s listeners. We’ve added it to the Paceline for now as a way to help get word out. And while it clearly isn’t for everyone, some of the interviews and discussions of advocacy *could* be of interest to those who don’t reside in NorCal.

  2. WillMichigan

    I think it may be helpful to create a seperate podcast for the R.E.P. I love listening to the Paceline Podcast but REP does not necessarily apply to my region in Michigan. My hopes are falsely raised when I see two new podcasts but one of them is for REP.

    1. Author

      It will, eventually, get its own feed. That said, you’ll start seeing more from the Paceline as well.

  3. Jared Mickel

    Thanks for the shout out on the Tour de Placer Roubaix. Here’s the link to the facebook site with the necessary info.

    The route that has been laid out looks great. The Yankee Jim’s route is beautiful right now with lots of waterfalls, and is conveniently close to thru traffic due to some road issues. Bad for cars but great for CX bikes.! The event is fundraiser for the Placer Foothills MTB club and NICA race team.

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