The Suggestion Box

The Suggestion Box

Those who are driven to create are seldom at a loss for ideas. Indeed, I once called myself an idea dispenser. I’m much the same way with opinions, though I suspect they are of far less value overall. With the Paceline Podcast, the combination of Fatty and me results in more ideas than we can frack into a single hour-long episode. And just because an idea made it into an episode doesn’t mean it was the best idea ever, either, but it was at least good enough for us to get behind, if only for five or six minutes.

We genuinely would like the best ideas.

That’s not to say we would recognize them, but we’re at least willing to claim that we want better ideas than the ones we have. (We dreamt up doing a weekly podcast, so consider our judgment something other than sound.)

So occasions this post, in which we invite you to give us marching orders (Waterloo!) for subjects, confessions, misadventures that you’d like to see us build into segments for the show.

If we’ve proven nothing else, you know we’re not afraid to talk.

And just to cover it now, a very smart friend suggested we do a call-in segment each week like NPR’s Car Talk where we diagnose problems with bikes and/or fitness. I told him that we couldn’t do it because we didn’t have the whole switchboard thingy, but really, we’re just not smart enough.

That said, long after this post is buried, you can feel free to send us ideas or questions by emailing us at info[at] and putting “Paceline Questions” in the subject.


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  1. EvoDavo

    Okay; how about some lessons learned for different aspects of the sport. As an example I have an excel workbook for each year with training etc. I create a tab for races with equipment lists, food etc. Then after the event I summarize what I learned on a separate lesson learned tab. I look at that tab before the next event and at the end of the year I’ve really accumulated something.
    Topics could be what to pack when you’re traveling for a MTB/Cross/Road/Gravel event. Another topic could be maintenance lessons, forgetting to lube your chain. Changing maintenance for winter, etc. Stuff that you only get from doing this shit year after year, chasing the elephant.

  2. Bart

    +1 for the call-in segment. You just have to arrange it ahead of time and loop the person into your skype call. The car talk guys weren’t always just winging it. They knew about the symptoms ahead of time and had time to research.

    I think that would be a ton of fun!

  3. Vince

    * How to group ride – Specifically how to behave as a guest/new rider on a group ride. I’m seeing growth in my town and seeing a lot of new riders show up to the rides we lead who seem over-confident in their understanding of group rides.

    * Teams/Clubs – Should you join? What makes a good club? Hear the story of a long running team/club.

  4. Jon Edwards

    What I appreciate the most on Paceline are discussions about the inner workings of the bike industry (Paceline #18 and #20 were some of my favorite episodes). Info about product positioning and branding help me put other reviews and marketing copy into context. I like hearing about it even when I’m not in the market for a particular bike/wheel/doodad, but just out of curiosity.

    One criticism, some portions on bike culture or events can cross over into tedium for me as someone who doesn’t exactly live in a cycling mecca. For example, if the recent segment with Bikemonkey would have been limited to “USAC is a buzzkill and not a good fit for gran fondos,” I would have stayed engaged. The quantity of praise for Bikemonkey events, banter about the insouciance of racers who “don’t care,” combined with the negativity for USAC struck me as tone-deaf. I’m guessing that for riders in most of the county looking for competitive events, USAC is the umbrella organization which allows promoters of yearly, one-off events to stitch them together into a cohesive series. All cyclists can relate to preparing for the year’s highlight events. and so I enjoy your conversations about Leadville, Dirty Kanza, et al., as long as they are just that, relatable.

  5. رامي

    Favorite podcast. Look forward to it every week.

    Advocacy: add more ideas how to make riding, touring, commuting, & travel easier. Include updates from more organizations (Adventure Cycling, People for Bikes, etc). How can listeners help?

    Rides: I think it was show 46 that the L word was not mentioned. Could there be other fun rides to know about from around the country? In New England we have several beautiful ones: Vermont 100-200, B2VT, Honey 100, & even an extreme all 6 NE states in 24 hours.

    Technology: keep the conversation & topics focused on regular riders. Push for 13 cog. Explain why Padraig gets very excited about low BB. Why is that good? What else to consider?

  6. BostonCarlos

    I want a tour of each of your Garages. How many bikes, which ones you ride most, why you own that weird one… etc. Explore trends within your garage. Talk about your workbench setup.

  7. BostonCarlos

    I also want more guests from and talk about the east coast cycling scene. Everything seems so cali/utah centric. Get Rob and Patria on. Talk to the dudes from Firefly. Bob Parlee. More east coast!

    1. Author

      That’s definitely something that’s on our radar, especially as Seven is celebrating their 20th anniversary. Wish I could get back there more often. I’d love to do a tour of New England cycling landmarks, interviewing great people along the way.

    2. BostonCarlos

      Padraig – If you do that, please let me know. I’d love to see you guys, and maybe even tag along for part of it!

  8. Rohit

    +1 on “cycling clubs and group rides” for as much as I ride, I almost never ride with friends, and I think the last time I was on a club group ride was college (I’m 46).

    I too would love to hear from the manufacturers. I would also love your perspectives on industry consolidation. What does the fact that Salsa and Surly are owned by QBP — should I care? Santa Cruz was bought by a large corporation last year. Is this good or bad? If you’re dropping $4K or more on a bike, is there “good” in buying from a true independent like Quiring, Vassago, or Open, as long as they have great product?

    For another perspective, how about talking to Shana Powell (endless) or the i9 team?

    I really want to hear from more shop owners. What do we do, or don’t do that makes them happy and sad. Do enough of us know we trust them with our lives? Do we treat them that way?

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