The Paceline Podcast #47

The Paceline Podcast #47

Fatty’s World Bicycle Relief fundraiser is becoming a worldwide success. He has a major update on his progress and is offering some major prizes as incentives.

British Parliament shakes down Team Sky for some answers on what is becoming the Bradley Wiggins affair. Strange deliveries of medications just before an important stage race. Cryptic explanations from the parties involved. Oh boy, here we go again.

With a name like Bike Monkey, it’s easy to think that the events this NorCal group puts on are all fun and games. They are but they also have a focus and precision to creating magical rides and races. In a follow up to our discussion on USAC’s push into gravel events and Gran Fondos, we talk to the leader of this amazing organization about putting the rider experience first.

The Paceline is supported by: Health IQ. The people at Health IQ believe in cyclists and believe that healthy people should be rewarded with lower life insurance rates. Check them out here.



Show Links

Fatty’s WBR fundraising

The InGamba WBR incentive

Bike Monkey

Silca Premio

Giordana G-Shield

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  1. Jeff mulanix

    I am so lucky to live in sonoma county and have these people as associates, and have the privelege of enjoying the fruits of their labors.

  2. babaskate

    Great commentary on fondo’s vs races. It has sparked my interest for sure in participating in a fondo sometime soon. Wish Bike Monkey wouldn’t talk with his mouth full while being interviewed though.

    Anyone else ever wonder what that squeaking sound is during the opening music?

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