An End to Clammy

An End to Clammy

I used to think I objected to anything that affected my touch or grip, at least as I worked on bikes, though it’s emblematic of my learner need not for control but for input, for my need to know what’s going on. Later, I thought I was against anything that made my hands wet. At a certain point, I realized I was against anything that interfered with my dexterity at all. Anything that made it harder to grip or feel parts was a no-go.

Here’s the thing: I’d rather use half a container of Lava and run my fingertips on a belt sander rather than wear nitrile gloves for four hours as I work on a dirty bike.

Here’s a secret detail about the life of a bike reviewer. It’s not uncommon to have a contact say, “When I send you the gonkulator, I’m going to send you some _____ as well.” Fill in the blank for yourself. img_3782

The Finish Line Mechanic Grip™ Gloves are a polyurethane-coated knit that is designed to offer positive grip. Because the polyurethane coating only wraps around the fingers, through the palm and up the sides of the gloves. The knit allows for a much higher degree of breathability while you use them.

These would probably still be sitting in a box, unused, had I not needed to scrub a cassette clean one day. And then I remembered I had these. The fact that my hands were able to breath thanks to the uncoated material made wearing them entirely better than nitrile gloves, and honestly the grip was better, though I have to admit the dexterity isn’t quite as good.


I’ve been using the same pair for close to six months. I don’t wear them every time I’m in the garage, but any time I’m doing something dirty, something involving an industrial-strength cleaner, I put them on.

So yes, they are reusable, but even more impressive is that they are machine washable. At only $5 for a pair, what they save me in handwashing time is worth that alone. I’ve been wearing the small/medium size, but they also come in large/extra large.

Final thought: Clean comes faster.

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    1. Stuart

      I looked at ordering a pair from the site you mention. The shipping and handling was $11.60. And that wasn’t asking for any rush order. I think I will ask my local bike shop to special order the Finish Line gloves for me.

  1. Lyford

    My job requires long periods in disposable nitrile gloves. The best balance I’ve found between dexterity and clamminess is wearing light fingerless knit liners under the gloves. The thinnest gloves I’ve found(best dexterity) are the Kimberly-Clark Sterling nitriles.

    Putting on gloves is a lot easier than scrubbing black chain gunk off your fingers.

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