The Paceline Podcast #41

The Paceline Podcast #41

Bicycles were part of an historic night in American politics. Billions of dollars were at stake at the polls. The Paceline has election results on some important measures that direct money to bike projects. We also discuss why a sugary drink tax became an issue for a nutrition company. And one of our own, Charles Pelkey, had a close call, but in the end, a good election night.

We have more on our dream bike survey from show #41. Paceliners have submitted there requests for future surveys. And Michael has more on his quest for a dream bike. His search led him to Raleigh. We hear from the company about its bold move into the adventure segment.

Padraig has what was the biggest equipment news since Interbike. Zipp has debuted a new set of wheels and the design is pretty amazing. We have an interview with Zipp on the 454 NSW, crosswind killers.

Our Paceline Picks include a look at one place where the bike has surpassed the car as a mode of transportation.



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Bicycle Ballot Measures

Skratch Labs opposes sugary drink tax


Zipp 454


United States Bicycling Hall of Fame


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  1. Miki Vuckovich


    Thought you might be interested in this. After hearing the podcast discussion about bike-path vandalism I got this message from the San Diego Randonneur Google Group board (below). Thought you might be interested. Alarming, to say the least. I’ve notified a contact at the SD redevelopment agency, who works on the city’s bike-path improvements and construction.

    Thanks for your great work.


    Original post:!msg/sdrando/qie2OGfe_NE/KmwrlwcbBgAJ

    Dear Bicycling Friends in San Diego:

    Be careful bicycling the Rose Canyon area, especially at night. Three times in the past two months I’ve come across creative rearrangement of the cones and barricades along the bypass, seemingly meant to cause consternation and crashes. Whoever is doing this is getting more artful. The first version was just cones tossed on their sides. The second version feature cones and controls moved to the middle of the pathbefore the ridges, almost designed to force the unwary off the road and down into the creek. The latest version, just this morning, featured barricades on their sides, ready to trap and crash unwary riders, especially at night (I’ve a REAL early shift this week).

    The construction and traffic control people have been at pains to correct this vandalism (for lack of a better word) of temporary trafficcontrols, but they’re not on hand at 5 or 6 AM. I wish whoever is doing it would switch to changing the lights to warn “Godzilla attack ahead” instead of setting bike traps that can seriously injure people.

    Robert “no photos, I was almost late for work!” Leone

  2. Jimmy

    Hey, you mentioned my name in the show for the survey suggestions segment..Thanks..I really like the podcast, I hope Fatty stays with this podcast, he seems to be doing a lot of them. I like that you guys added a regular segment, Paceline Picks. One suggestion is on one of Fatty’s retelling of a ride that he went on, having The Hammer or The Monster on to see if they had the same experience as Fatty.

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