The Paceline Podcast #40

The Paceline Podcast #40

Results from the Dream Bike Survey are in and The Paceline has concluded that we are just a tad obsessed with bikes, especially the ones that capture the imagination. An impressive number of dreamers responded to the survey. Fatty has all the numbers.

Padraig is back from a dream vacation that involved bikes, food, an island and one big boat. Full details from our world traveler. And what he claims is the best salad known to man.

We have updates on a couple of riders who were involved in terrible crashes. Their progress is slow but positive.

Our Paceline Picks take on a more serious tone with Michael telling us about a bike film that takes on topics often avoided: suicide and mental illness.



Show Links:

100 Mile of Nowhere

Love Boat for Bikes – Santana Adventures

Dream Bike Survey Results

Steve Tilford

Volagi Bikes

Assos CAMPionissimo

The Man Ride


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  1. Quentin

    Survey suggestions:
    What types of riding do people do (different surfaces & bikes and how much of each)?
    How involved are your family in cycling? Does your spouse or significant other ride? with you? how often? same for kids, siblings & parents. Did one of them get you into cycling, or the other way around?

  2. Jimmy

    Survey Suggestion:
    What type of tires and rims mountain bikers are using since 27+ and 29+ are the new thing? Seems to be a bunch of questions in this topic like:
    What tire size, people running xc skinnies 2.1ish or more trail 2.4ish or has a lot moved to the plus size 3.0ish or fat 4.0-5.0ish?
    Tire tread pattern, semi-slick, small knobs, racing tread, trail tread like Maxxis Ardent, DH tread?
    Rim construction type, aluminum, carbon?
    Rim manufacturer, USA manufacturer, Chinese Carbon, or like Enve Carbon, etc?
    Rim internal width, sorta like tire width xc 21mm-ish, trail 25mm-ish, or the bigger sizes now 30mm-ish?

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