Change the World with Bikes, Win Mind-Blowing Prizes: the 2016 WBR Grand Slam

Change the World with Bikes, Win Mind-Blowing Prizes: the 2016 WBR Grand Slam

Spoiler Alert: Later in this post, I am going to reveal how in this contest, you could win a dream road bike outfitted with SRAM eTap,  high-end components, and Zipp 454 NSW wheels. And also how you could win a Kuat NV 2.0 rack. And also how you could win a Silca SuperPista Ultimate pump. And other prizes.

I’ve been with people the moment their lives have turned around. The moment possibilities opened up. I’ve seen it up close, and I’ve seen it from a great distance.

Either way, it never gets old.

Back in 2011 I — along with my wife and a couple of my kids — visited Zambia with World Bicycle Relief. My readers at had raised enough money to buy more than 1000 inexpensive, sturdy (single speed, coaster brakes, components designed with an emphasis on simplicity and an ability to withstand rain, sun, and sand) bikes for kids there.

Here I am, giving one of the 1000+ bikes we bought for kids in Zambia:

When I gave this bike to this girl, her life was suddenly filled with new possibilities and opportunity. She’d be able to get to school in half an hour, instead of in two hours. She’d be able to bring water to her home quickly, and in one trip. She’d be able to help her neighbors. She’d be able to get to the market faster, carry more, and get home sooner.

Her father cried and shook my hand for at least a minute, saying “Thank you, thank you,” over and over.

I might have cried too.

Five years later, I’m still struck by the sense that World Bicycle Relief is a perfect charity: it addresses a real problem, makes an immediate impact, requires accountability from those who benefit (children who get bikes sign a contract to stay in school and take care of the bike), and it uses the machine I love.

WBR Grand Slam: How it Works

I’ve done a big fundraiser for World Bicycle Relief every year since 2011, and I’m happy to bring what I call the “WBR Grand Slam” to RKP. If you already know how my fundraisers work, feel free to skip the rest of this post and go donate now.

The short version, though, is that for every $10 you donate, you get one chance at winning a prize. (I’ll talk about what the prizes are in a moment.) If you donate $147 (the cost of one bike), you get twenty chances, which includes five bonus chances. And of course, if you donate the value of multiple bikes, you get multiple bonuses.

And here’s something pretty amazing: throughout this contest, an anonymous group of donors will match every WBR donation. So if you donate that $147 to buy a bike for a schoolgirl in Africa, it magically becomes two bikes.

On January 1, 2017,  I’ll have a WBR representative use to draw winners for each of the prizes. The first person drawn gets their pick of all the prizes. The second person drawn gets second pick. And so forth.

You want details? Oh, we’ve got details. Click here to read all the details, rules, and legal jargon.

[A Note Regarding Probabilities: Of course, the more you donate, the more likely you are to win. That said, I’ve run a lot of contests for charities in my time, and I’ve seen people make massive donations (thousands of dollars) without winning anything, and I’ve seen people make modest donations and win dream bikes. Random number generators are so…random sometimes.]


One of my favorite things about the Grand Slam is that I get to keep you in suspense about certain things, while revealing others, all in the name of getting you to guess and hope and open your wallet for a truly good cause.

Right now, I’m going to tell you enough that you’ll hopefully be convinced to make a donation. As the month of December continues, I’ll reveal more.

  • A Dream Bike: A gorgeous, top-of-the-line road frame from a well-known manufacturer, completely decked out with the best components (including eTap drivetrain) SRAM and Zipp have to offer. And yes, that includes Zipp 454 NSW wheels. (!!!!)
  • A Silca SuperPista Ultimate Floor Pump: I asked my wife for one thing for Christmas this year: a Silca SuperPista Ultimate floor pump. So as you might expect, it aggravates me no end that I am ineligible to win this prize: a WBR-themed custom SuperPista Ultimate. If you don’t understand why people like Padraig and I are completely over the moon about this thing, you should read Padraig’s writeup. The thing’s glorious.
  • Something Else Really Cool from Silca: I’m not going to tell you what yet, though.
  • An Opportunity to Race Me and the President of SRAM Around the Indoor SRAM Test Track: Yep, Stan Day will take you on a personal tour of the World SRAM HQ, after which you and he and I will race each other around the indoor test track. And that’s bound to be one weird, wonderful photo opp.
  • A Küat NV 2.0 Bike Rack: I have the original Küat NV hitch rack. It’s wonderful. I mean, it’s exactly what a bike rack should be, but until has never been. And somehow, the 2.0 is even better. I’ll be talking more about this rack soon, even though I get choked up when I write about it.

And regardless of when you donate (between now and end of December) you’re automatically entered to win each and every prize…including the ones you haven’t even heard of yet.

Will you win a prize? Probably not. But someone will win each of these prizes, and everyone who donates will definitely make an actual massive difference in a real child’s life. Instantly and in a big way.

Together, we’re going to show hundreds (thousands?) of people exactly how wonderful bikes and the people who love them are.

Thanks for donating!

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  1. joe ruf

    missing 2nd half of sentence…
    And here’s something pretty amazing: throughout this contest, an anonymous group of donors????

    1. Author

      Good catch, thanks for pointing it out. Fixed now. Paragraph now reads:

      And here’s something pretty amazing: throughout this contest, an anonymous group of donors will match every WBR donation. So if you donate that $147 to buy a bike for a schoolgirl in Africa, it magically becomes two bikes.

  2. BostonCarlos

    Yes!!!! Grand slams are the best!!! As a previous winner, I can attest to the awesomeness of the prizes and the contest. As a lover of and ambassador for WBR, I can attest to the good all of this money does. So excited to join the RKP community with a bang like this!

  3. Paul

    I love the enthusiasm you put into these great initiatives! It really shows how much you care and i will be donating.
    As I am South African, Africa is close to my heart and I have know first hand how much a difference something as simple as a bicycle makes to these people!

  4. Jeff Dieffenbach

    I’m a former (and future!) Fat Cyclist contest winner as well. My win was a trip, not a bike, but awesome nonetheless. I got to ride an MTB relay race with Fatty and some Santa Rosa guy named Levi. My main contribution was to lower the group’s overall average speed.

    So, get donating! You’ll feel great doing it. And imagine the bike you might win.

  5. wharton_crew

    Ok, I’m now convinced that the move to RKP is a good one – the comments section is threaded!! Awesome!

    I’ve donated in the past, and will continue to do so. The prizes are awesome (although I haven’t won…YET), but the real prize is to be able to know that I’ve helped to make the world just a little bit better. Thanks for doing this Fatty. I can’t donate for a few weeks until my abode closing goes through, but after that I plan on it!

  6. Mark in Bremerton

    Glad to see you have your own section in RKP – makes it easier to find you.
    May give donations as gifts this year, easy and better than pogies.

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