Your Dream Bike, a Survey

Your Dream Bike, a Survey

Heads-up people: This is our first-ever post from Fat Cyclist. The cross-pollenation of RKP and Fat Cyclist continues—Padraig.

I spend a ridiculous amount of time thinking about bikes, and more specifically, what my next bike ought to be. Indeed, if I were to track how much time I spend riding bikes versus thinking about bikes, I’d probably be pretty embarrassed.

But my point is: I like thinking about bikes. And it is my fervent hope that I am not alone in this.

Which is why Red Kite Prayer and are jointly conducting the “Dream Bike Survey.” Please take it. It’ll only take a minute or so, and then Hottie, Padraig, and I will crunch various numbers, draw wild speculative conclusions, and then both talk about what we’ve learned on The Paceline and right here on RKP.


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  1. Craig Peer

    I filled it out, but I actually bought my ( 2 ) ” dream bikes ” over the last 24 months. And my wife would kick my butt if I bought any more, seeing as I have 3 bikes now ( and she only has 2 – uh oh ).

  2. SHG in Austin Tx.

    I get older and the hills here get steeper. Turning 50 made me want to ride places I haven’t wanted to go before. Gravel roads, trails that cut through the backs of neighborhoods that connect the “good climbs” so I don’t have to get in traffic as often, and oh those really steep f$%#(NG hills here in Austin that always have the best tree cover over them and the quietest roads. Give me the moots with the 30 tooth small chainring in front and a 32 in the back and I should be able to go anywhere around here. I might be slow nowadays, but I’ll be damned if I’ll put my foot down on the hill.

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