The Paceline Podcast #38

The Paceline Podcast #38

The road to the White House is in its final stretch but the Paceline is just getting started. We hope to bridge a serious Campaign 2016 gap with a show that highlights ideas, leadership and democracy. Time to get your electoral college on!

We do ease into our “Hardball” discussion with a look at the 2017 Tour de France route. The race around france may favor an all-rounder. Fewer cols and cronos on the race map. We welcome your early TDF picks in our comments section.


The guy waving to the crowd, we like him. He’s one of us. Yeah, he is a lawyer and a politician, but he is a rider and a writer and an all around good guy. He’s also the Live Update Guy. Padraig talks to Charles Pelkey about politics, his days covering the pro peloton and a trip to Iceland.

In addition to talking to Charles about his political aspirations, we talk about how to approach talking politics during a group ride. Campaign 2016 has proven to be a spectacle. Should rides be an escape from the madness or a vehicle for further discussion?

Our best wishes go out to Steve Tilford, who is recovering from a serious crash. His friends have rallied around him but they have also not hidden the fact that Steve was not wearing a helmet during a fast group ride.

The loss of Robin Williams has been a heartbreak worldwide. But his family is doing something very special to make us all smile despite the loss of a great comedian and actor. Williams’ bike collection is being put up for auction with the proceeds going to two great causes.



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Dream Bike Survey

Robin Williams Bike Auction



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