Interbike Flavor

Interbike Flavor

Interbike draws all types. I won’t say it attracts all types, because that would imply that everyone who shows up is interested in being there. And the guys smoking (in a nonsmoking facility) in the Taiwanese Pavillion are not quite even phoning it in.

The good news is that there are plenty of people who show up prepared and care. And of those, some have figured out not to take the event too seriously.

Until next year.


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  1. greg leibert

    OH snap! All good, and entertaining observations…I wish i had seen the Kitten Lazer backdrop! …also, side note on the pool Unicorn…I was enjoying a pre-InterBike-Vegas at the Cosmo Hotel pool, when i was rammed by a Unicorn, floating several slightly toasted Bridesmaids !…so, there’s that!…-$$$

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