Interbike 2016, Part X

Interbike 2016, Part X

I’m going to be honest and say that there was a time when I only got excited about a bike, component or accessory if it was something that was going to be a part of my riding life. Personal myopia, of a sort. Something happened in covering the bike industry for a couple of decades. I see plenty of things I’m unlikely to have the opportunity to put to use, but I see the possibilities. Truly endless possibilities. I could spend a full year reviewing nothing but the stuff I’ve covered in these posts and leave out so many great bikes and products.

Take that Panaracer tire that leads this post. It is available in a wildly tantalizing size—29″ x 3″. I don’t currently have a way to run a tire that size, but a boy can dream.

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  1. peter lin

    oooh, metal chain scrubber. I’ve broken many like everyone else. That’s worth buying to avoid having it break half way through the season

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