Interbike 2016, Part VIII

Interbike 2016, Part VIII

Maybe it’s because I went in with an open mind, or maybe it’s because I’m getting older and I don’t process all that I see as quickly, but when I go back and scan the hundreds of photos I shot at Interbike, I feel overwhelmed at all that I’d like to have a chance to ride. The bikes, the components, the tires, the kits, the computers … so many fresh ideas, and even if I cloned myself, I couldn’t get to all of it in a year.

Take these good-looking (for manikins) dummies above. Now, just to go ahead and acknowledge it, Primal has been a consistent supporter of RKP since early in our existence. So yes, they are an advertiser. And yet they’ve never placed any pressure on us for coverage. But I’ve been watching, and reviewing pieces where it made sense. I’ve enjoyed watching the company’s transformation from cornering the market on garish designs to building their own factory to produce their clothing to exactly their specs. They’ve been gradually adding lifestyle pieces until this year when their booth was largely dominated by their significant lifestyle collection.


It’s funny, my definition of PRO has expanded. It used to be that I considered PRO only possible when riding or working on bikes. PRO is having your gloves, helmet, cap, shoes and bottles match your kit. But today PRO includes showing up to an appointment by bike, looking composed while wearing attire that suggests I’m an active person without offending the oh-so-delicate sensibilities of the soccer moms.

So, while I would never have said this in 1995, Primal is offering some stuff that is very PRO.


White Lightning had the single coolest contest I encountered at Interbike. Because so many contests are aimed at men either deliberately or accidentally, the brand elected to reach out specifically to women with this promotion. They are giving away a Louis Garneau Genix bike, equipped with Ultegra and Crank Brothers pedals; yes, they are including pedals. And also yes, Louis Garneau does a lot more than just clothing; that’s just what they are best-known for in the U.S. The bike is custom-painted in White Lightning Blue, with silver accents. You may have noticed that I said “are” in describing the giveaway, rather than “were.” The contest wasn’t isn’t specific to Interbike. It’s still going and will be going until April 23 of 2017. To enter, go to the Facebook page they set up for the contest.

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