Interbike 2016, Part IX

Interbike 2016, Part IX

Every time I think I’ve hit all the really amazing stuff I saw, I realize there’s another set of photos I’ve yet to scour. People complain that the show was smaller, but it was still too big for me and I scheduled appointments every half hour all day long. For me, the lasting lesson of Interbike is that it contains plenty of great stuff if you go in with an open mind and an appetite for cool.

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  1. peter lin

    zwift is awesome and has totally changed in door training for me. I used to hate, hate, hate, hate doing trainer. Every single minute I just wanted to stop. The mental torture was far more painful than the legs. Zwift support has been good and they are constantly improving it. Other friends say the same thing. The downside is that often when I try to do a easy recovery on zwift, I can’t help chase others.

  2. cjv

    is there no better way to display and caption the photos. They’re small, and look disorganized. I must be getting spoiled by sites like Pinkbike, who have really stepped up their photo display game…

    1. Author

      The general idea with the gallery is to click on the images so that they open and you see them in a larger size. The galleries are in response to a few pressures. The first is to run more photos. The second is to keep pages loading reasonably quickly and if we were to put that many images in a single post it would never load. Finally, we’re receiving a fair amount of pressure from advertisers to show that we have massive page views; currently they care more about page views than the number of unique readers.

  3. cjv

    @Padraig, clicking on the images results in a pretty modest increase in size (and the split photo effect on the side banners doesn’t help much).

    “A picture is worth a thousand words”; in your case, given the quality of your writing, that’s a pretty high bar. You ain’t there yet :). I’ll skip the photo threads and stick to the stories.

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