The Paceline Podcast #32

The Paceline Podcast #32

How to get your Mojo back. Dr. Fatty has a prescription. The medical board of Padraig and Hottie will review this clinical trial. Really, this is about racing your way back to a level of self worth.

Oh yeah, Padraig is back. And he has some stories on riding, testing, Eurobiking and crashing, not necessarily in that order.

Crashing was the end result, but what would drive a spectator to intentionally cause a group of racers to go down as they dashed for the line? The video of this debacle made the evening news and makes a segment in show #32.

The Paceline is hosting its first cocktail party of sorts. We hit the bottle … uh, water bottle. Our threesome shares their mixology over the years. And we hear from the maker of a new hydration product.

Gear announcements have been coming faster than a Cavendish sprint. We have a helmet that plays music, a new group set, more disc brakes, cool stuff from giro and bell, and a wheel size that refuses to die.



Show Links

Fatty gets his Mojo back

Padraig gets back up

New Bell helmet

Laces, BOA and Velcro

Drink up

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  1. Tom in Albany

    So, I’m 5’6″ tall. I ride an old Trek w/26″ wheelset (and a triple chainring 9-speed cassette w/V brkes and tubes in my tires!).

    If I buy a new mtn bike, are you suggesting I should stay with 26″ or move up to 27.5? I’ve long asumed that a 29er would be too big or wouldn’t handle right for me.

    Great podcast, guys!

    1. Padraig

      At 5′ 6″ I don’t think too many fitters would suggest you go with a 29er, though there are models out there that would, technically, fit you. Going 27.5 would make much more sense. The switch to a full suspension trail bike with 5 inches of travel would make mountain biking a new sport for you. The multiplier on fun would stun you.

  2. Tom in Albany

    The Trek is an old Fuel ’98 (’01 vintage) with full boing-boing fun. I will have to scout out the 27.5s. Thanks, Padraig.

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