Interbike 2016, Part VII

Interbike 2016, Part VII

Vic Armijo is a buddy from the media world going back 20 years or so. His byline has appeared most everywhere at some point in time. These days he may be best known as an event promotor (The Tour of the Unknown Coast is one of his signature events), but he’s still an itinerant rabble rouser—er, journalist. He’s been kind enough to grace us with some of his images before, but for this year’s Interbike, we asked him to give us a roundup of some of his favorite items—Padraig.

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  1. MikeG

    Hey Padraig,

    I think the spell correct change the way Lezyne is spelled in your captions. Unless the Vegas thing got into your subconscious, and you meant to reference “male enhancement”! ;-P

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