Interbike 2016, Part V

Interbike 2016, Part V

As a kid, every Christmas season I would receive the FAO Schwarz toy catalog. I’m not sure why, but it would come in the mail and then I’d obsess over the many toys it displayed that I would never own. I never got to visit the big store in New York, though I dreamt of doing so.

It’s just as well I never had a chance to visit.

Interbike is FAO Schwarz, but for grownups. The show is so full of awesome, so overflowing with amazing, so utterly dripping with fantastic that to be there and find the experience disappointing, the problem is with the visitor, not the show. If someone can’t find something at the show to be excited about, I can only conclude that they either aren’t a cyclist or have some mental condition where they are too cool for the entire world.

State Bicycles is a brand I’ve little need to encounter. What they do (mostly fixies) isn’t really my thing. I’ve nothing against it, though. But then they went and licensed The Simpsons for use on bicycle-related merchandise. Jerseys, caps, bikes and more. And it spews fun. To dislike this is to have broken your funny bone.

Silca, as per usual, showed off some new tools, plus a new tool wrap for your seat. And if you wondered why they crowd-funded their latest effort, CEO Josh Poertner told me that they had so many initiatives going they were short on capital to launch everything.

Santana Tandems is one of the least PR-hungry bike companies on the planet, but they have done more to move tandems forward than any other company out there. They displayed a titanium travel tandem that foregoes any S&S couplers in favor of their essentially invisible “Z” couplers. They completely disappear; so much so, it can be hard to see the joint. Santana has also been working with a mill to revive the old Scandium tubing and this new version shows vastly improved strength in testing.

Campagnolo, a brand that sits in the softest part of my heart, had some great new stuff to show.

And SRAM killed another price point with the new Apex 1 Hydro.

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