Interbike 2016, Part I

Interbike 2016, Part I

Among the many strange truths that emerge when one works in the bike industry is how my colleagues and I all use our universal detestation of Las Vegas as a kind of proof to demonstrate our regard for the people with which we work. It’s not enough to say that we love bikes. I wouldn’t drive to Las Vegas just to ride bikes. But for these people and to see so many of them in one place? Yeah, I’ll drive nine hours.

Today I split my time between riding bikes and checking out products that I couldn’t ride, but won’t be shown on the floor of Interbike. While there are a few notable absences of previous Outdoor Demo stalwarts, such as Specialized and Giant, there are plenty of companies that are using Outdoor Demo as their only appearance in Clark County.

For some time I’ve been wanting to revisit Eddy Merckx bikes. I’ve ridden a great many Merckx frames over the years, but I have to be honest and say the last time I rode a Merckx, perhaps five years ago, it was, effectively, an argument against carbon fiber. The bike felt wooden and heavy and lacked the liveliness that I’d come to appreciate in previous Merckx creations. The 525 restored my faith in the Merckx brand. Why I haven’t seen more of the 525 on the road I can’t fathom.

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  1. Andrew

    Did you ride the Yuba? You’ve previously been a bit standoff-ish about the handling of longbikes; was this one any different?
    Also, I’ve not seen cable steering before. It certainly would tidy up the underside of the bike. Any drawbacks?

    1. Author

      As a fan of the Yuba Spicy Curry and tandems, I’m not sure I’d agree that I’m standoffish about long-ish bikes, like bakfiets. No matter. Cable steering is turning up more and more on bakfiets; we see it regularly at NAHBS, and I can’t think of a better system, once it’s set up. As to the handling, I did ride it; it worked well enough. It’s not as natural as something like the Spicy Curry, but if you live in a flat place and want to be able to see your load (like if you have kids), it’s pretty cool.

  2. Emily

    Does you’re comment above “if you live in a flat place” mean it was impossible to get up hills? Can you compare it’s hill ability to any other cargo bikes you’ve tried? I’m interested in the supermarche, but the chances of test riding it are slim and since its fairly new it’s hard to find useful review of it. Thanks!

    1. Author

      You can get the Supermarche up hills but it’s not super maneuverable. At really low speeds it becomes a bit unstable.

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